Certificate of successful completion

It is hereby certified that Anastasios Fetinidis has successfully attended and completed the course: CS3.4: Introduction to web application development with Flask

which is offered by Mathesis MOOCs, developed in Crete University Press of the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas, with the lecturer Mr Dimitris Agelakis, developer / support technician of Mathesis platform.

The duration of the course was four weeks —13/12/2021 until 24/12/2021 and from 7/1/2022 until 23/1/2022— with an estimated study time of 60 hours needed to complete the course. This course is offered via the platform OpenEdX/gr of Mathesis in compliance with all established technical and educational specifications. The assessment procedure is based on the honour code by which the participants commit to abide. The responsibility for the content of the course and its assessment lies exclusively with the lecturer. The final assignment was evaluated by the lecturer and his assistants.

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Δημήτρης Αγγελάκης

Dimitris Angelakis